Hi There!!

                                   Nice to Meet you! My Name is カメラ

Of Episodes And a Movie Based on the topic of a girl named Yanna. The Movie is coming out first and it is COMPLETELY Canon. Here’s a short summary:

Yanna Finds out that her family is Claiming war to Earth. She gets scared and goes to Earth to warn people. Thinking that a young Highschool Boy is the Earths leader she tells him. Her Brother Anon-Short For Anonymous YES that is his real name- Comes as a warrior type thing. She stops Anon from attacking, which he agrees to do-Since Yanna is his older sibling-and They fight against DragonLand’s King and Queen for Earth’s LIFE.

If you want to See THAT Movie then…http://poal.me/dvrsnp Vote YES!!! when I get at Least 50 Peoples opinions and at least 75% Then I’ll start Casting People to play in the movie, Make trailers and teasers, and cast and Director Q&A. THX!!!



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